Premium design and residential interiors design

A sourcing company and in-house design office for natural stone masterpieces worldwide

  • CARAT DIFFUSION is used to creating “tailor-made” projects
  • We can create magic for you with stone as accessoires
  • From technical parts to design innovations, we deliver or create whatever you need
  • Bonding natural stones on safety glass panels using the thickness of natural stones to allow light to pass through the material and thus create unique atmospheres.
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Work Stages

how will our work be organized

Meeting for "Stone"

We discuss ideas, stone purposes and locations of the installation, you deliver us your plans of the work space. We are very happy to assist you to find your choices and your interior designers or architects are very welcome as well


Signing Contract

Confirming the quote and signing contract


Design & Installation

Discussing design and layout of installation and reserving exclusively the stone for you


Order & Delivery

Setting dates for the installation


Creating our Magic for you

Welcome to your new home! Finalizing the work and you re accepting the result

Are you looking for something unique in natural stone? Some special design in Mosaic or Porcelain Ceramic?

Get in touch with us for any questions or requests.
We will be happy to call you back!